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Librería Nevada

Stationery and bookstore in El Ejido.

Books. Stationery, pencils, colors, notebooks, folders, backpacks and small gifts.

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National and international literature. Bestsellers. Children's and youth books. Textbooks and school revision.

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We are a small family business with a great tradition that is located in one of the main avenues of El Ejido.

We are currently close to completing 40 years of customer service. Our main objective since we opened in 1986, is to make our clients feel satisfied that they have been cared for in the best possible way, with a close and human treatment.

We are specialists in office supplies and school supplies, thus equipping a multitude of young people and adults each year. We provide binding and laminating services.

We work with all kinds of reading and text books for all ages. We have a wide variety of gift items adapted to each month of the year. We make all kinds of photocopies and prints in different sizes, regardless of whether they are in black and white or color.

We have newspapers and magazines. We do all kinds of phone recharges and electronic products. And finally, if there is something that we don’t have in store and we can get it, we don’t stop until we get it.

Throughout the year we do different activities, attending different events related to reading. We collaborate with a multitude of schools and institutes, with the city council of our city and with different non-profit associations.

If you want to feel at home, do not hesitate to go to Papelería Librería Nevada

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